Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Kameleon Languages offers specialised corporate training in French, German, Cantonese and Russian in our training centre or in your company's premises. More languages are available for distance learning.

We create special curricula for language learning in various business fields. Our teachers are specialised and properly trained in teaching a language for a specific area of expertise.

Our corporate lessons also include a cross-cultural business communication training. We provide special learning material when available and design our own when not.

For more information, a quotation and a study of your different options with Kameleon Languages, please contact us.


Why take a corporate course with Kameleon Languages?

As each business has specific requirements and goals, we will discuss these with you and come up with the best language training solution for your needs. This will take into account the time your company can allocate to language courses, the level of the executives and employees requiring language training, as well as their learning style.

You company may need to organise a tailor-made private or group course in order to improve a specific area of language, eg. food and beverages, fashion or law, to offer new business perspectives and opportunities to the executives and sales, or to improve the staff communication skills to deal with the clients.

There are plenty of options available to make this course perfect for you. We create a course that will unfold to focus on the specifics of the learning aims of your group. Our extensive database of trainers includes highly qualified, experienced teachers with significant experience in your business field. We work with native speaker trainers so that they can also bring cultural and social aspects of the language to the class to ensure a well- rounded and appropriate programme of study. We do our best to match the appropriate trainer to you, and their flexibility means that you can take classes when and where you need, incorporating what you need.

Contact us to speak to someone about the advantages of taking corporate lessons with Kameleon Languages.

What is distance learning?

Language training via VoIP softwares (such as Skype) is nowadays the most flexible and economic way to learn, by requiring only a cam and a good internet connection to make the student and the teacher feel as if they were in the same classroom. 

We opt for this convenient solution to deliver effective language tuition to corporate clients who need fast results in a specific area of expertise, or deal with a demanding schedule.

Why would your company go for distance learning?

  • It allows us to select in our vast network of teachers the most appropriate person to answer your needs, whether it is specialised business or academic language by native language experts all over the world, without restricting our research to a specific area due to physical meeting constraints.
  • It offers the most convenient answer to the ever-adapting schedules of professional life, by allowing students to learn on the go when they need it, regardless of where they are.
  • Instant messaging included in the software allows for quick saves of corrections and suggestions from the teacher in personalized notes.
  • One-on-one online classes are a great way to obtain quick progress when in need to learn a language in limited time.

Distance learning offers you an optimal flexibility: learn any language, anywhere, at any time.


For whom ?

  • Adults individuals or groups

Schedule :

Flexible schedule. 

Possibility of lessons 24/7 for distance learning.

  • Please contact us for a tailor-made quotation. The price varies depending on the location, the number of students, and the specifications of the course.
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